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A good workshop can both enlighten and revitalize a team. 

These workshops are proven, and highly customizable to your team’s needs and goals. 

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Dynamic Workspaces with DiSC
Help teammates understand themselves and each other in a dynamic way utilizing the DiSC Workplace Profile Tool.
Team Tune Up
Every organization is made up of people who fill roles to achieve objectives. Revive, renew, and enjoy the process of working in a team.
The Leadership Wheel
Based on the model from Clint Sidle’s book of the same title, this workshop looks at the styles each of us relies upon when we work or lead.
Mindful Leadership
This workshop will highlight and practice 2 essential topics for effective leadership in today’s work world: emotional intelligence and mindfulness.
Strategic Planning
Having your meeting facilitated by an external professional is extremely useful when teams are undergoing strategic planning.
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (sometimes called EQ) is a crucial component of interpersonal effectiveness, and we need it more than ever to be successful in our work.
Teaming and Innovation
Creativity and innovation come from a combination of being motivated to complete a challenge and aligning the available talents and skills of the team towards the task.
Coaching Skills for Leaders
Managing and leading people is a complex process. One skill frequently identified in managers whose direct reports scored them highly is being an effective coach.
Guess What?…
You win! Custom workshops can be created and tailored to your team’s specific needs. Reach out to see what types of programming we can do together.

Workshop Attendee Testimonials


Amy is an excellent, organized, and articulate presenter. I like how much she worked to have movement and participation in the workshop- particularly since in Zoom that is so hard to manage.

Great workshop

Great workshop. It’s nice to attend a workshop and leave with something you can apply in your everyday life.

Mix of learning and activities

I enjoyed the mix of learning and activities that allowed us to apply what we just heard in the context of our work. The things I learned will be useful at work and home.
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