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Organizational Well Being

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. 

-Paul Batalden

There are many systems inside of organizations- mechanical and human.  The behavior of any human system is determined by a critical mass of its members behaving similarly. Such behavior is typically termed “group norms” or “culture.” That culture can be positive or negative. 

The function of human systems are positive or negative depending on a few things, including:

Excerpted from Dr. Michael Broom, Center for Human Systems, 2016

For Organizational Well Being, we’ll work together to identify the current situation in your organization, then to enliven the desired result, and then take the steps to get there.   This is 100% customized and engages many levels of the organization. 


Community and Culture

The pandemic caused much stress and separation within our program which typically is very tight-knit. Amy met with us to gather a full scope of understanding of our issues surrounding teamwork, trust, communication and wellbeing. We began our work with a fantastic one-day staff training/retreat day and I could instantly feel the weight on our staff’s shoulders being lifted. This solidified that I wanted to invest in our staff and engage with Amy throughout the year. This will allow us to dive deeper and really make the necessary changes and healing that we need as an organization to get back to our pre-pandemic sense of community and culture.
Sherri Koski
Ithaca Community Childcare Center
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