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If the change you want was easy to make, you would have done it already. 

People choose leadership coaching for a variety of reasons, most often with a desire to move beyond the current context into a future that feels more true, more exciting, and more fulfilling.

I partner with you to help you gain that clarity, then take the steps to get there.

The process of coaching involves a few steps- defining your desired future, making a commitment to it, and building new competencies that enable you to succeed and sustain that vision.

How it works

1. Step In

Coaching clients get individual attention. It starts with a free Introductory Meeting to hear about your coaching topic and for both of us to see if working together feels like a good fit. Set aside 30-45 minutes for this. If the answer is yes, I’ll send you a Coaching Agreement that details costs, timeframes, meeting cadence, and format (in person, Zoom, etc).

2. Discovery

Once we have agreed to work together, I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to reflect on. Our first meeting, a Discovery Conversation, will happen so I get to know more about who you are and how you see things.

This Discovery Conversation helps you to articulate your desired future and what you are committed to in the process. It helps me to better understand you. Together we’ll agree on some competencies you are looking to build. (See samples below). After this conversation, we’ll create a path to follow to get to your goal- and identify concrete steps to take to build that future.

3. Coaching Meetings

Our next series of meetings will be coaching meetings where we discuss, reflect, make meaning, and set up fieldwork (action steps in-between coaching meetings). It’s a dynamic process of discovery. This is the place where development happens- sometimes slowly, sometimes all at once. Week to week it can be exciting, sometimes challenging and so very worth it.

Typically, coaching meetings last 1 hour, and typically we’ll work in 6-month stretches, with 2 meetings per month. There are many other cadences that also work well, and we can talk about that during our Introductory Meeting.

In between coaching meetings I am available for requests, check in’s, or support as needed. Maybe you have a big meeting coming up, or an interview, or I’ll send you an article that strikes me as potent for you- it’s a partnership.

4. Midpoint Check-In

About ½ way through you’ll get a short questionnaire, and we’ll check in specifically on your goal and competency development so far. At this point, we’ll reflect on the process and make any adjustments needed as new insights may have occurred. This usually happens as part of one of our coaching meetings- once we’ve had 5-6 meetings together.

5. Final Meeting

This type of coaching is designed to have an endpoint, both in time-frame and goal achievement. At the end of the agreement, we’ll celebrate what has been gained, reflect on what your next steps might be, and close the coaching.

It is certainly possible to agree to continue beyond the 6 months, and if that is desired, together we’ll look at new competencies to develop, with a new agreement in place.

Sample Competencies

DOING-based Competencies

Sometimes competencies are knowledge-based or DOING-based. Some samples of those are:

  • Learn strategic thinking and planning
  • Be better at public speaking
  • Manage Conflict
  • Build my team
  • Delegate better

BEING-based Competencies

And, there are BEING-based competencies that come up when we want to change and BE different. Some samples of those are:

  • Increased trust in my own knowledge and experience
  • Increased confidence when speaking in public
  • Utilize my inner resources during difficult conversations
  • Increase my listening skills to gain more empathy
  • More frequently trust my team members

Building your leadership influence is about building both types of competencies.

Why it works

When your commitments matter, when the goal is clear, and when you are supported along the way in a structured path, great things happen. I’d like to be in that process with you.


Spectacular Coach

Amy Kohut is a spectacular coach, a true partner in my development as a non-profit leader. She creates high levels of trust, maintains gentle accountability and encourages me with compassion and empathy.
Corey Madden
Executive Director, Monterrey Museum of Art
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